Category: Food

Three Amigos

Painted from life in my studio. I like the way the cool green pops against the reds and warm yellow. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints

Neighbor’s Tomato

As I mentioned before, Dean and Karen, our neighbors have been bringing us tomatoes almost daily. This was painted last week and the deluge has slowed now, but…

A Slice of Summer

Painted in Mid-September, the tomatoes were coming in faster than we could eat them. From our plants and also our neighbor Dean’s. Dean’s were much better looking, round…

Sweet Summer

We try to grow tomatoes in our very shady yard, this year we’ve had some success. The peach is from Colorado. 6″x6″ acrylic on panel. Purchase OriginalPurchase Prints

Lemon in a Cup

I gave myself the challenge of capturing both the transparency of the glass bowl and the translucence of the lemon. I’m pleased that I was able to maintain…