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Overcast and Frozen – Lake Superior near Bayfield

From a photo taken in 2014 on the shore of Lake Superior near Cornicopia, Wisconsin. The lake had frozen over enough to allow people to walk out and…

Fall Evening Sumac

Another painting from a photograph, this is virtually my backyard, our property borders on land owned by a Catholic Cemetery that’s been left to nature for years. There…

Edge of the Light

Another “portrait.” Working from a photo again. This is a better likeness. Anyone recongnize the subject? Original not for sale Purchase Prints

Woman in Cool Shadows

I categorized this as a portrait, but it’s not really a portrait. I worked from photo but I really wasn’t too concerned about capturing a likeness. Mostly mixing…

Across the Pasture

Another from the photos I took in late summer around Madison Wisconsin. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints

Fisherman’s Trail Central Oregon

This one is painted from a photograph taken in a beautiful high desert river canyon in Central Oregon, I can’t remember the name of the river though. I…

The Set-Aside

Another from the Madison area.I was attracted to the rich variation of color in the late afternoon light. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints


First bred in Australia as hypoallergenic  guide dogs, these smart and friendly dogs have become incredibly popular. No shedding. What’s not to love! Actually the shedding is a…

Evening Soybeans

From my late afternoon drive near Madison. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints

Leaky Boat

This one is painted from a photo that I took more than 15 years ago. This old wooden boat reminded me of some of the boats I cruised…