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The Set-Aside

Another from the Madison area.I was attracted to the rich variation of color in the late afternoon light. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints


First bred in Australia as hypoallergenic¬† guide dogs, these smart and friendly dogs have become incredibly popular. No shedding. What’s not to love! Actually the shedding is a…

Evening Soybeans

From my late afternoon drive near Madison. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints

Leaky Boat

This one is painted from a photo that I took more than 15 years ago. This old wooden boat reminded me of some of the boats I cruised…

Neighbor’s Tomato

As I mentioned before, Dean and Karen, our neighbors have been bringing us tomatoes almost daily. This was painted last week and the deluge has slowed now, but…

Outstanding in its Field

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Painted from a photo taken near Madison Wisconsin. I was down there to celebrate the life of my great friend Lon, who died…

A Slice of Summer

Painted in Mid-September, the tomatoes were coming in faster than we could eat them. From our plants and also our neighbor Dean’s. Dean’s were much better looking, round…

East Bridge

A scene from my morning walk. 6″x6″ acrylic on panel Purchase Prints

Joe Pie in Morning LIght

I was out working in my garden when I saw the way the light was hitting this joe pie weed. Ran in and got my camera. Wait, I…

Sweet Summer

We try to grow tomatoes in our very shady yard, this year we’ve had some success. The peach is from Colorado. 6″x6″ acrylic on panel. Purchase OriginalPurchase Prints