Overcast and Frozen – Lake Superior near Bayfield

From a photo taken in 2014 on the shore of Lake Superior near Cornicopia, Wisconsin. The lake had frozen over enough to allow people to walk out and see the amazing ice caves cut into the rocks along the shore.

Edge of the Light

Another “portrait.” Working from a photo again. This is a better likeness. Anyone recongnize the subject?

Original not for sale

Woman in Cool Shadows

I categorized this as a portrait, but it’s not really a portrait. I worked from photo but I really wasn’t too concerned about capturing a likeness. Mostly mixing skin tones and getting the values right. I’ve done several of these in the last year but this is the first one I was happy enough with to post. I tried to work loose, no preliminary pencil drawing or grid. I just blocked in the head with a medium sized round brush and my standard burnt umber and ultramarine blue mix that is my black. Then I did a monochrome underpainting and started working the colors into that, working from dark to light. Other than the basic shapes and the expression, it doesn’t look much like the photo, but I like it as a painting.

Not for sale

Golden Retriever

I’ve been working on a series of animal paintings. We had a golden retriever, Rags, from the time we were married until she died at about 10. She was the runt of her litter and was pretty petite for a golden. Smartest dog I’ve ever known, what a great companion. When she was very young I let her out in the morning and she came back with the paper, so I praised her for it. She brought in the paper every day for the rest of her life. 

Outstanding in its Field

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Painted from a photo taken near Madison Wisconsin. I was down there to celebrate the life of my great friend Lon, who died late last month. He was in a bad motorcycle accident, but was on the mend when he suffered a massive stroke. He rode all over the country roads around Madison either on his motorcycle or in his Miata. I’d ride along in the Miata sometimes. I restrict myself to four wheels. His wife and my wife Becky have been friends for years and along with another friend they had been going out every Thursday night for over twenty years, until Lon and Diane moved to Madison. The three of them were together on the Sunday of the memorial, everyone else had left so I decided to leave them to themselves and go out and look for some subject matter for paintings. I got lost and never really found the really cool areas we used to explore, but I think I got some nice shots. There will be more to come from that expedition.

Lon would have loved the pun.

A Slice of Summer

Painted in Mid-September, the tomatoes were coming in faster than we could eat them. From our plants and also our neighbor Dean’s. Dean’s were much better looking, round and red, but ours were actually sweeter. But they were all very good. Nothing like a tomato fresh off the vine.

6″x6″ acrylic on panel

East Bridge

A scene from my morning walk.

6″x6″ acrylic on panel

Joe Pie in Morning LIght

I was out working in my garden when I saw the way the light was hitting this joe pie weed. Ran in and got my camera. Wait, I don’t run. This was a breakthrough painting for me, it’s the first one that I felt I was getting to where I want to be with my work.

6″x6″ acrylic on panel

Sweet Summer

We try to grow tomatoes in our very shady yard, this year we’ve had some success. The peach is from Colorado.

6″x6″ acrylic on panel.

Good Morning Neighbor

I was on the home stretch of my morning walk when I saw my neighbors chatting in one of their yards, they were in deep shadow with some back lighting that formed halos around their heads. I knew right away that this had to be painted, so I grabbed my camera headed out to get a photo to work from. I had to reassure them that I was taking a photo for the sake of art and that they should just go on talking and not look at the camera.

Mark at Bam Bam Graphix in Hopkins, Minnesota did a great job of scanning this difficult piece. There are a few highlights showing from reflections off the ridges in the dark areas, but I’m really impressed with Mark’s work and would recommend him highly.

6″x6″ acrylic on gessoed archival masonite panel