Winnie is my daughter’s Wheaten Terrier. Winnie is into squirrels, board games and cheese. Wheatons are high energy, playful dogs with minds of their own. They love people…


This is Nellie, my sister and brother-in-law’s late great West Highland Terrier. Like most terriers the Westie is energetic, strong minded and playful with a high prey drive….


Some people, like my wife, think pugs are ugly. Not sure if the term “pug-ugly” was based on the looks of these little guys, but it certainly could…

The Set-Aside

Another from the Madison area.I was attracted to the rich variation of color in the late afternoon light. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints


First bred in Australia as hypoallergenic  guide dogs, these smart and friendly dogs have become incredibly popular. No shedding. What’s not to love! Actually the shedding is a…

Golden Retriever

I’ve been working on a series of animal paintings. We had a golden retriever, Rags, from the time we were married until she died at about 10. She…

Three Amigos

Painted from life in my studio. I like the way the cool green pops against the reds and warm yellow. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints

Evening Soybeans

From my late afternoon drive near Madison. Purchase OriginalGreeting CardsPurchase Prints

Leaky Boat

This one is painted from a photo that I took more than 15 years ago. This old wooden boat reminded me of some of the boats I cruised…

Evening Crossroads

Another shot from my last trip to Madison. It was late afternoon and the angle of the light was creating some interesting light and shadow play. Purchase OriginalGreeting…